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We are Window Cleaning Canvassing Specialists

Looking to build and develop your round at a fast pace? Our online speed canvassing service is designed to generate a high number of leads over a weekend period by significantly increasing our budget in your area. With more leads, comes the higher chance of conversions into new guaranteed customers for your business.

Unlike traditional canvassing, with our full online service the potential customers approach us and let us know that they’re looking for a window cleaner, so when a customer converts, its not under the pressure of a door-to-door sales person.

Important Info

Cost: 2x per new job
We generate customers For a booked weekend
Friday to Monday between march - september

- £100 booking deposit required
- You can set maximum limits
- Full CSV in your planning software format
- Minimum 10 mile radius
- Invoice to be paid on completion

How It works

We create specialised adverts over your booked weekend to generate a large response. As soon as the leads arrive, we make contact with the potential customer and try to convert as many as we can.

As as soon as someone converts, we upload their details into a CSV in the format of your cleaning software (Squeegee, Aworka, Cleaner Planner etc).

We’ll give you a call on the Monday evening to let you know how we have done, then send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid your new customer’s details are sent straight over to you as a CSV, ready to call and book in their first clean.

What You get

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