Build Your Round online with The Cleaning Network

Window Cleaning Online Canvassing

If you’re looking to expand your round you’ll know that customers are actively looking for your services online using Google and Facebook. We use online marketing to find these customers for you, managing every lead and quote, giving you time to run your day-to-day business.

Unlike traditional canvassing services, we offer an on-going canvassing service, without upfront costs (apart from our one-time setup fee), meaning we can find customers all-year-round to help you build your round at a sustainable rate and cheaper than traditional canvassing.

Become a Cleaning Network Partner

Using The Cleaning Network brand, we generate work for our cleaning partners across the UK. All of our cleaning partner companies go through a basic vetting process. We check your website, reviews, basic business information, insurances, the area you work and the prices you charge. That way, we can best sell your services to people who approach us for a quote in your working area.

Although we use The Cleaning Network brand, we make it clear that you’re our local cleaning partner and the customer will be your customer, not ours. The Cleaning Network allows us to give a consistent service to all of your potential clients.

We work as an extension to your current marketing

You can carry on marketing in all the other ways that you normally would. We are an extra avenue for a potential customer to find your company and sign up to your services. With our expertise in digital marketing, we know how to get in front of the right customers who are looking for your services. We don’t charge anything until we find you a customer, so we cover all of the advertising costs with no risk to you.

Pricing & Features

1.5x Per Accepted Customer
  • You get a guaranteed customer
  • Choose to accept or reject a new customer
  • You only pay when you get a new customer
  • We use your own pricing structure & frequencies
  • Personalised email to your new customers
  • CSV in your planning software format if required
  • Live reports to show how much we have added to your business

Where we find your new customers

Google Ads

Google is a powerful tool where customers search for specific terms. We advertise in the towns and villages you cover on Google when people search of window cleaning services. 

We create a dedicated landing page for every single town and village we decide to target and we make it easy for potential customers to get in touch to request a quote.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a great place to target specific types of people. Their in-depth targeting allows us to get in front of different types of customers. We use targeting to find high-quality customers who are generally employed in stable jobs or likely to own their own homes.

We use a mixture of Lead Generation ads and click ads to find new customers on Facebook using our specific targeting techniques.

What Happens When Someone Requests A Quote

We process every lead as quickly as we can. As a business owner, it can be hard to get on the phone within the hour when you’re out working hard. We are usually on the phone within 2-3 minutes.

We give the potential customer a quote over the phone using the quote form we created based on the prices and frequencies you provide us. If they accept you quote, we send you an email with some basic details about the job, ready for you to easily accept or reject at the push of a button.

We expect you to accept around 90% of the jobs we sent you. If something is out of your area, or there is another issue with the job it’s easy to reject and let us know why.

When you accept the customer, you’ll be issued an invoice and charged automatically via GoCardless. You’ll then get your new customer’s details sent to you right away, ready to book in their first clean. You’ll get their full name, address, phone number & email address (where applicable).

We try to make the process as easy as we can both for you and your new customers.

Personalised Emails

We create a personalised email that is sent to your new customers after you accept them.

The purpose of this email is to bridge the gap between us confirming their quote and you contacting them to book in their first clean.

We create a different email with every business, so you can add any applicable information or images etc to convey the message that you want to your new customers.

We confirm the price of their service and the frequency, they have your direct contact details and we can even add in a GoCardless sign-up button if you accept GoCardless as a payment method.

Some companies use this email to show other services they offer, such as conservatory cleaning or gutter clearance. We will work with you to create a strong branded email to help with the transition from the customer leaving The Cleaning Network to be cleaned your company.

Cleaning Software CSVs & Live Reporting

Planning Software CSV

We know that everyone uses a different piece of planning software, whether it’s Cleaner Planner, Squeegee, Aworka and others. If you require a CSV, we can create a CSV in your CRM format, which you can download at any time to upload to your software. Just let us know if you would like this facility as it is included in our service.

Live Financial Reporting

We think it’s important that you know what your return on investment is at any time. We create a dashboard which automatically updates every time you accept a new customer.

From the dashboard you can find vital financial statistics showing the value of our service to you. The information you’ll see is:
– A list of customers we have signed up to your service.
– The number of jobs by month that we have signed up.
– The yearly value of the work we have found you
– How much you have paid by month and by by year.

Book A Chat

Whether you would like to sign up, or just ask a few questions, you can call us right now on 07940 249153 or book a chat below and we’ll call you back.